Duval can provide fantastic continuity and long term commitment to your business requirements with our individual members having a vested interest in Duval and currently zero% turnover of staff in the first five years!
We are unique, friendly and professional and just want to do a great job for like minded clients across the UK.

Our team
Manchester - 0161 707 9592Newcastle - 0191 230 8015 enquiry@duvalassociates.co.uk

Iain Hyslop - Account Director

Business strength: Communication, motivation, imagination
Loves: Football, films, travel, family, Nandos, gym
Beliefs: Quality service, continuity, long term relationships

Sarah Carney - Account Director

Business strengths: Attention to detail, going the extra mile, preparation
Loves: Family, friends, wine, clothes, soaps, running
Beliefs: Honesty, professionalism, respect

Jessica Carney – Key Account Manager

Business strengths: Determination, resilience, accuracy
Loves: Horses, fitness, family, balsamic vinegar, outdoors
Beliefs: Communication, customer service, hard work

Natalie Bartle – Account Manager

Business strengths: Energy, enthusiasm, professionalism
Loves: Role play games, dragons, films, technology
Beliefs: Fair play, autonomy, hard work

Jon Scott – Consultant

Business strengths: Engineering, Quality, accuracy
Loves: Football, darts, lager, family, Hull
Beliefs: Autonomy, positivity, common sense